Project: Avatar Activism: Solidarity Mark

“Avatar Activism” — the act of changing your avatar to promote an activist movement of some sort — rarely has the level of effect as directly encouraging people to act, to make change. But what if your goal is to raise awareness? That’s where our “Solidarity Mark” avatar project comes in: it simply aims to raise awareness as a social message, while helping people understand the issues as they personalize their avatar mark. Read on for more details.

The “Solidarity Mark” will be a small graphic overlay on top of one’s avatar, which mark one’s desire and effort to be an ally to the best of their abilities. This project will be a mini-site with an authentication system for Twitter, Facebook and whatever else the team wants to include, so that people can easily update their avatar with the overlay.

The mark should be somewhat “personalized” based on a series of subversive questions, in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style, that ask the user things like “Is gender is a binary?” and rather than a slider with only Yes and No, it has a whole range of values between Yes and No. After all: we get so many normative views and notions about things growing up, and society does not encourage us to question or re-examine these ideas — yet new perspectives can be gained the moment you do.

This project is more development intensive than most others.

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