Project: Setting The Record Straight

There are tons of predisposed views and beliefs about all groups of people in our society—see for instance this UN study—and much of it is based on self-perpetuating myths and prejudiced beliefs, rather than fact. In this project, we attempt to “Google Bomb” these harmful misconceptions with the truth, by creating a series of dedicated pages for many of the most common (and troubling) Google Autocomplete suggestions that keep these myths alive. We’re setting the record straight, and hopefully these pages will become the top results when people search these myths.

Some examples of these Google Autocomplete results:

It’s important that these pages are written in a non-confrontational way, as people will find them coming from both sides of the argument, e.g. to either reaffirm their beliefs in these myths, or to disprove them. We should include as much reference to scientific material as possible, to arm people with the right information.

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